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Our professional team of coaches are eager to work with you, your players, and your coaches.

Our club-wide partnership programs are a great way for clubs to supplement and develop their existing club programs without hiring a full-time coaching department. Our organization will step in and assist in the areas you'd like to develop, whether that's player specific training, coaches clinics and education, or the development of a club-wide foundational program.

Our Company Director has personally served as the DOC for 3 area clubs, including both community clubs and pay-to-play clubs. Our organization has had the opportunity to work with many local clubs, providing a range of services over the last 10 years. We understand the challenges that clubs face, and what it takes to develop and retain players and enhance the structure and cohesiveness of club curriculum and training.

We can help ensure that your club is on the correct path to thrive this soccer season!

Club Partnerships

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We can provide all 3 of these services or any combination of. Please contact us for more details.

Players Education & Training

By partnering with our organization to offer additional training programs, your players are given an opportunity to flourish within the club, versus seeking training options with different clubs. Clubs may choose to supplement training club-wide or to provide opportunities for a sub-set of players within the club. For example, we've facilitated the following programs for local clubs:

  • Under 4 player / parent programs - 6 week clinic
  • Soccer Core Skills for recreational and competitive players. - 8 week clinic
  • Futsal multi-team clinics for recreational and competitive players - 8 week clinic
  • Goal Keeper clinics for club-wide competitive teams - 16 week clinic

Clubs may choose to offer these programs at any time during the year. These programs are highly flexible and can be manipulated to meet your needs. Our Organization can provide all of the Program staffing and components or any combination of. Providing in-house training options improves player skill levels, positively impacts parent perceptions of club value, and ultimately leads to higher player retention rates.

Coaches Education & Training

We understand that many Club Coaches are parent volunteers, who are passionate about the game and youth sports, but they may lack formal coaching experience or training. Supporting your parent coaches by offering coaches education and training, enables your coaches to make more informed training decisions and improves the level of instruction provided. This results in a better experience for your players and their families, while also standardizing training curriculum and player development tiers that match the club's mission and overall goals. In addition, by supporting the development of your coaches, your club is more likely to receive and retain parent volunteers.

We can tailor coaches education to meet your needs, but common topics include:

  • Age appropriate curriculum identification
  • Session Progression & Flow
  • Goal identification based on the 4 key elements
  • Improving team dynamics
  • Coaching towards player development, not game outcomes
Club Foundational Development

Our Foundation Phase Program helps clubs implement a cohesive approach to player development, specifically for players in the most formative years (ages 6-12).
The Foundation Phase Program lays a progressive pathway for players entering the club from U8 to U13. Clearly outlining the progression from recreational to competitive play within your club, keeps players engaged with the club and working towards their own personal goals. By standardizing development within your club, you are ensuring that players, regardless of team or coach are reaching development milestones appropriate for their age.

Implementing a cohesive approach to player development:

  • Ensure your club is reaching its overarching goals and staying true to its mission.
  • Streamline ideas and curriculum to ensure a cohesive approach to player development.
  • Ensures training is consistent among coaches and provides clear targets for coaching staff.
  • Provides a clear development progression for your players, keeping them devoted to your club.

As part of the Foundation Phase Program, clubs also receive:

  • Access to extensive online curriculum
  • Online coaching resources
  • Coaches education and development
  • Premier training for all U9-U12 competitive teams (June – Sept)
  • Grass roots program implementation
  • Creation of player progression pathways


We'd love to work with you!

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We look forward to hearing from you!

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