Inclement Weather:

What is the criteria for weather cancellations?

Weather: If at the time of training, any of these conditions are present, training will be cancelled:

  • Temperatures are / or are forecasted to exceed 105° (reported via
  • Air Quality Index Values are / or are forecasted to exceed 151 PPM (reported via
  • Severe rain, thunderstorm, or another severe form of weather is present, or forecasted to be present at the time of training.

  • Sessions will continue with light to moderate rain showers. Sessions that occur at temperatures above 100° or at air quality values above 100 will be modified to include more breaks and reduced strenous activities.

    Other: COVID-19, or a similar Pandemic:

  • If the State, County or other government entity employs restrictions that prevent players from meeting for in-person training, training will be moved to virtual sessions, or in short-term closures, training will be suspended until restrictions are loosened.
  • If the State, County or other government entity employs restrictions that modify but do not prevent for in-person training, such as smaller group sizes, training will continue as scheduled with modifications, which may include change in coaching staff or training time to accommodate reduced group sizes.

How will I know if a session is cancelled?

We will attempt to notify you of cancellations by email. We always attempt to notify families with 2 hours notice, but as weather can change suddenly, notifications may be received with less than 2 hours notice. If you are uncertain if your session will go ahead, please contact our office by email or phone or refer to the following weather resources pages that we use to determine cancellations.

**Please note - if any of the inclement weather conditions are present throughout the day, but are not present at the time of your session, the session will not be cancelled.

What happens if a session is cancelled due to weather?

If your session is cancelled due to weather, you will receive a credit for the value of the missed class, minus administrative and processing fees. Occassionaly, we are able to extend the program by 1 or more weeks to makeup the session. The ability to extend the program depends on field availability and we are not able to guarantee this option. We are unable to issue refunds for inclement weather.

Other cancellations

For all other cancellation policies, please refer to your programs unique terms and conditions. Participants who registered as individuals can review this in the registration portal. Teams please refer to your contract.

Thanks for training with us!