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Work with one of our top-notch trainers to seriously improve your skills. Tailored training curriculum helps players improve overall development and strengthen areas of weakness. To ensure that your player is hitting all developmental milestones, we follow a clear progression of development stages (see below).

Players we work with:

Private sessions are available for players as young as 6, and as old as 18 with skill levels ranging from new to soccer to high level PDP and ODP players. We work with individual players and small groups (2 to 4 players).

How does it work

Based on 20 years of coaching experience, we have created a unique training program, designed to ensure that players are meeting specific development milestones for their age and reaching their personal goals.

Our PPP uses three different tiers to assess player ability and progression. The key areas of focus are technical, physical, and psychological ability. Our training is designed to ensure a player is proficient in the attributes of their development tier before progressing to the next tier. The majority of our players will fall within the Foundational to Performance tiers. Very high-level competitive players, such as ODP players, fall within the Elite tier.

Weekly homework drills are provided, to keep players working towards their goals while away from structured training.

Development Tiers

#1 - Foundation

Foundation players are relatively inexperienced and thru training, will develop a better understanding of key technical skills required to be successful in the game. In addition to improving key technical skills, a foundation player will usually require development in coordinating, balance, and agility skills, in order to progress to the next level.

#2 - Performance

Performance players will typically be proficient at several technical skills but may struggle to perform skills proficiently in tight spaces, under pressure and in quick combinations. These players will typically favor one side of the body (left or right) significantly more than the other. At this level, great emphasis is placed on improving confidence performing skills and the ability to perform basic and more advanced skills more proficiently.

#3 - Elite

Elite players play on advanced level teams and are technically advanced players. Training will focus on fine tuning skills while focusing on other important elements related to the players physical and psychological attributes. Players at this level are typically 14 years or older and are preparing to advance from youth soccer onto high school, college soccer or the professional game.

Training Topics

Training topics are developed specific to your player to help them progress to the next level. Coaches can also incorporate specific skill development into each session, such as Striker skills, Goalie skills, attacking (2v1), footwork, defending.

Meet our Coaches

We're only as good as our people! We've built a fantastic reputation in the area for delivering high quality soccer training for players of all ages and skills levels thanks to our fantastic staff. We pride ourselves on finding Coaching staff from around the globe that has a wealth of coaching knowledge to draw upon and a true passion for the game. Our goal is to make each session equal parts fun and challenging. Find out more about our fantastic team!

Our Process

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Soccer Player Evaluation
#3 - Goals Established
Soccer Goals
#4 -Results
Training Results

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Single player sessions start at $62 / session.
Group player sessions (2 to 4 players) start at $20 / session.
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