Skills After School

Skills After School is back for the 2018/19 school year and we are super excited to launch a new program for the start of the school year.

In addition to our After School Soccer Club, this year we will be offering a Futsal After School Club

Skills After School is a fun after school club where participants learn all of the key skills required to be successful in the game of soccer directly after class at their school. The inclusion of speed, agility, quickness and balance activities not only help with soccer but are applicable to all sports.

Our highly experienced coaching team will come to your school and deliver fun training sessions which not only develop key soccer skills but also promote healthy physical activity and important social skills, such as team work and communication.

Skills After School Soccer and Futsal clubs offer participants:

  • Fun and active afterschool program
  • Players learn team work, improved coordination and develop an understanding of the game.
  • Learn key skills like passing, dribbling, shooting and change of direction.
  • This program is ideal for recreational or less experienced players.
  • We provide all necessary equipment.
  • A different individual skill taught each session.
  • All sessions are taught on school grounds.
  • Professionally trained / certified coaches.

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"Having worked with the coaches from vision soccer training I have been extremely impressed. Not only do they possess the unique ability required to relate to children but they also demonstrate an extremely good knowledge base around the teaching of the technical and tactical aspects of the game."

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