Elite Player Program - Spring Break Camp

Our Elite Player Spring Break Camp gives players the opportunity to develop their game under the guidance of the highly experienced and qualified Vision Soccer Training staff members.

Each session participants will take part in various challenging training exercise designed to help players seriously develop their game. Activities will focus on developing advanced individual technical skills in a fast moving and engaging environment.

Areas of Focus

  • Dribbling - Developing combinations of advanced footskills in tight spaces, under pressure and in outnumbered situations
  • Passing & Receiving - Developing a range of passing skills and the ability to receive the ball with different surfaces in high pressure situations.
  • Shooting & Finishing - Improving confidence in front of goal and the ability to finish from different angles with a range of surfaces.
  • Combination Play - Movement and combination options in small groups, speed of play, decision making.
  • Speed & Agility - activities to develop soccer specific speed, agility and to improve balance and coordination.
  • Tactical Concepts - During our extended week long programs players will also work through various tactical concepts related to game situations with larger numbers.

IMPORTANT - This program is designed for COMPETITIVE level players and we will use a lot of fast moving training activities that require players have a good grasp of all basic skills and concepts within the game of soccer. If your child is not at this level yet please consider one of our other training options


Spring Break Camp :

9:00 am - Noon
COST: $150.00 AGE: 8 to 16

Location: Azevedo, Rocklin
Date: March 26 to 30

2018 Summer Camps

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"Having worked with the coaches from vision soccer training I have been extremely impressed. Not only do they possess the unique ability required to relate to children but they also demonstrate an extremely good knowledge base around the teaching of the technical and tactical aspects of the game."

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